Operation Nip and Tuck

Beartooth Humane Alliance began Operation Nip and Tuck in 2003, providing annual spay/neuter clinics for residents of Carbon County, Mont. Since Operation Nip and Tuck started, BHA has sterilized more than 4,500 dogs and cats. The annual clinic model worked well, but we wondered if there might be more we could do for folks who were unable to make it to the annual clinics. So we gave Operation Nip and Tuck a “face-lift.”

These days, Operation Nip & Tuck is offered year-round with free spay/neuter services offered by appointment. Appointments are available every month at several convenient locations. Operation Nip and Tuck is only for barn cats or other unsupervised outdoor cat populations in Carbon and Stillwater Counties. For all other animals, please consider our Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program. The link is provided in the box on the left.

Call 406-446-3500 or email info@beartoothhumane.org to make an appointment today.

Operation Nip & Tuck is made possible with generous support from the Golden Heart Charitable Fund.