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What to do when you find a stray dog

Dog lovers tend to be the most likely to notice and care when they see a stray dog wandering about. But don’t assume because you found the dog wandering the streets that he was abandoned or unwanted. As anyone who own dogs can attest, it’s very easy for the most beloved pets to go astray.

Here are some guidelines for what to do if you find a lost dog in Carbon County and want to help reunite the dog and his owners. First, no matter where you live or where you have found a dog (within city limits or in the county), call the Carbon County Sheriff's Office at 446-1234 to file a report. Additionally, if you have found a dog within the city limits of Bridger, Fromberg, Joliet or Red Lodge, call your local police department to file a report. Finally, call BHA at 446-3500 to also file a report. It is important you call all these places to file a report because if someone is trying to locate their missing pet they will call law enforcement and/or BHA. Please keep this important information for future reference.

Animal control services are limited or nonexistent within the county and municipalities and hindered by lack of a temporary holding facility. Although BHA does not have the authority to respond to animal control issues (for example, stray dog intake), BHA does offer proactive services to aid the finder in locating an owner. If you have found a lost dog or cat, send a picture of the found animal to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details such as when and where the animal was found, gender, and where the animal is currently. BHA will forward this information to its email distribution list of 500+ local residents seeking owner information. The finder may also post a description and picture of the found animal by clicking on LOST AND FOUND above and following the directions. Further, BHA will arrange for a classified ad in the Carbon County News and create "found pet" posters for area distribution. BHA receives hundreds of lost/found pet calls annually. Approximately 20% of the lost pets reunited with their families are due to BHA efforts.

And most importantly....ID YOUR PET! If your own dog has ever gone missing, you know what a relief it is to get the phone call from someone who has found your dog. Critical in many of these owner-pet reunions is that a Good Samaritan found and held your dog or chaperoned him to a safe place. The best way to make sure your dog will make it home safe if he ever runs away is to help that Good Samaritan - have your dog microchipped, make sure he ALWAYS has a collar with ID tags, and to never allow your dog to roam unsupervised.

Have fun helping homeless pets

CASH PRIZES! GIFT PRIZES! AND TONS OF FUN! Ten times per year Beartooth Humane Alliance conducts bingo games for homeless dogs and cats in Carbon County!  100% of the proceeds are used to help homeless pets by covering the cost of services such as spaying and neutering, cost to provide foster home care or the cost to print and distribute adoption posters. Whatever the need is for our many homeless pets, proceeds from our monthly bingo games are a tremendous help.

BHA Bingo is graciously hosted by the Elks Club, 114 N. Broadway, in Red Lodge, Montana and is usually the last Sunday of each month from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. We don't have bingo in July or August when most people are traveling or are busy with summer activities. Our EVENTS page always details our bingo dates so you can mark your calendar!

Remaining bingo dates for 2014 are: November 30 and December 28

Bingo dates for the first half of 2015 are: January 25, February 22, March 29, April 26, May 31, June 28

What fun we have! We play 17 games total, 11 are REGULAR games, 5 are SPECIAL games and 1 is the PROGRESSIVE COVERALL. To add to the fun we are running a PROGRESSIVE COVERALL which means in addition to regular winnings a player who "covers all" within a certain number of balls called will win an additional pot - right now that post is up to $90!!

Some of our SPECIAL games include, but are in no way limited to because we really mix it up:  X's and O's, Cupid's Arrow, The Letter V, Texas Blackout, Diamond, 5 Around the corner, Number of the year or Letter of the month and 4 Corners.

Additional fun games include:  BIRTHDAY GAME - The first person to have the month and date of their birth called wins $5.00 - no bingo required!

FREE NUMBER GAME - This is at the discretion of the caller who will designate a game as the "FREE NUMBER" game where all players can mark the date of their birth on each card played becoming another free space regardless if that number is eventually called or not.

BINGO ROULETTE - Before play begins, players will have the opportunity to participate in a separate pot. Each player can pick a BINGO number they think will be called during the regular game designated as "Roulette". If that number is called the player receives a triple payout.

Join us for a feel good fun rewarding way to help the homeless pets in your community!

And...a special thanks to Bonnie and Terry McKown for their 7 years of dedicated service to make BHA Bingo the "funnest" in Carbon County!

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