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The Story of Buck

On Friday, August 15, 2014 an elderly couple reported an injured cat who was desperately trying to enter their house. Beartooth Humane Alliance went to pick up the cat and were horrified by the degrees of his injuries. He had been shot four times - rear right leg (twice), shoulder (bone fragments removed) and head. His jaw was broken and so misaligned his lower canine tooth was removed to prevent him from piercing the roof of his mouth. Buck underwent two hours of surgery and, upon awakening, his desire for affection and love superseded his pain. Buck recuperated  rapidly and showed us each day his capacity for love is limitless despite the horrific treatment at the hands of humans. While recuperating, Buck became a cherished member of a foster family where he interacted with the entire family to include other cats and a dog. True to his gregarious nature, Buck loves to be with people to socialize and seemed comforted knowing someone was with him.

As Buck recuperated, he became a local celebrity as his story spread in our local county newspaper, our Facebook posts and bi-weekly e-newsletters. Concerned citizens frequently called or wrote asking how Buck was getting on. Buck also became the poster boy for our message explaining the solution to cat overpopulation was to spay/neuter versus the cruel practice of shooting cats.

Mid September began a new and final chapter in Buck's journey. He was adopted by an incredibly caring local woman who is retired and thrilled to be able to pamper Buck all day, every day. She was so moved by his story she wanted to give him a home where he would never again know fear, pain, hunger and uncertainty. She shared with us a story about Buck's new eating/drinking station on a window seat where he can watch the world go by while enjoying his meals. And Buck now has dozens of new toys because "he deserves the very best" according to his new mom!

Our special thanks to individual donors and PetSmart Charities for their generous support to help with Buck's medical care. Thank you all for making it possible to give Buck a second chance for a healthy and happy life!

Your Home Is Where Our Hearts Belong!

Adopt a feline and get a friend forever! Adopt two felines and get a forever family. Cats enjoy another cat's company while you are at work or away. Two cats will play together, and entertain you for hours, and it is better for them emotionally as well as physically to have feline and human friends.

Koda and Ollie are two brothers who were found under a porch and who have relied on each other for survival every since they were born. Needless to say, they are very much attached to each other which is why our dream for them is that they stay together. Their dream is for that lucky day when they find their forever home! Like other kittens they would like to be playing and napping and feeling secure, but Koda and Ollie have been spending their time since mid July going from their foster home to the BHA Adoption Center at Silver Run Vet Clinic in Red Lodge.

While lots of humans care and comfort them, it can't replace the warmth, affection, and security they will get with a loving permanent place to live. A place where they can find those cozy warm places to curl up and nap together, a place where they have feeding bowls to call their own and know they'll never be empty, a place where they know they can grow old together and always feel safe.

Koda and Ollie are about 18 weeks old, neutered, dewormed, microchipped, and feline leukemia tested negative. Please open your heart, open your mind, open your hands, and open your home to Koda and Ollie.

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