Operation Nip & Tuck Gets a Face Lift 

Cats Multiply

We couldn’t be prouder of our flagship service Operation Nip & Tuck literally operating since 2003!  This essential service to control an overabundance of cats and dogs remains our signature program. And now we’re proud to announce Nip & Tuck is in for a change for the better! With the help of area vets, Dr. Casey Gruber (Red Lodge Veterinary Clinic) and Dr. Sarah Barlau-Russell (Absarokee Animal Hospital), Nip & Tuck will now operate year-round! Executive Director Diane Zook explains, “Offering our free spay/neuter clinics twice per year for the past 14 years has certainly been the key to preventing hundreds of thousands of unwanted kittens and puppies and all the problems affiliated with overpopulation – homelessness, suffering, animal control issues and public health concerns. Now we are ready to take Nip & Tuck to the next level by offering this essential service monthly for outdoor cat populations at our partner vet offices.

This accomplishes a few things. First, more frequent surgeries fixes these cats before pregnancies can occur. Secondly, clients will now have many dates from which to choose making it more convenient to participate. In the past, if someone was unable to attend one of our large clinics due to a scheduling conflict, the cat(s) was left intact until the next clinic providing the opportunity for yet another unwanted litter of kittens. The increased availability of this service will result in even more sterilized cats and we’ve made the process simple.

 Carbon County residents interested in controlling their OUTDOOR/BARN POPULATIONS just need to call BHA at 446-3500 to schedule a convenient appointment. The cost for this service will remain free, however, a suggested donation of $5 per cat is gladly accepted to offset the surgical costs.” Zook further explains, “The new Nip & Tuck addresses the unsupervised cat populations. However, we continue to offer our low-cost spay/neuter vouchers for dogs and for pet cats. The low-cost voucher is available year round for limited-income families and may be used by appointment at any of the Carbon County veterinarian offices. The co-pay cost is nominal – $5.00 for a male cat, $26.00 for a female cat and a range of $35.00 – $77.00 for a dog dependent on gender and weight. Information and application about our low-cost spay/neuter program may be found on our website www.beartoothhumane.org or by calling us at 446-3500.”  

BHA greatly appreciates the generous support received from STEPPING FORWARD FOUNDATION making Operation Nip & Tuck possible.